What’s on: adidas Spezial: The first of its kind; a footwear exhibition from a fans perspective #SPEZIAL

adidas Spezial Hero Image

adidas presents an exhibition like no other that brings together over 600 pairs of coveted adidas footwear – vintage, deadstock, re-issues, collaborations and rarities hoarded by fans, lovers and collectors. In recent years ‘sneaker culture’ has exploded in popularity, permeating the mainstream from its origins as a niche sub-culture. Now in 2013, adidas presents an array of personal stories and experiences compiled by fans, offering a unique and exciting insight into adidas’ history.

Spezial is the brainchild of Gary Aspden, a passionate adidas fan since the 1970’s who has gone onto become a consultant for adidas. Starting with his personal collection as a foundation for the exhibition, he contacted influential trainer collectors from all walks of life to pull together a showcase of rare vintage and re-issue footwear products the likes of which have never been seen before under one roof. As adidas has influenced Gary Aspden’s life, so too has it millions around the world. With the earliest product on display harking back to the 60s, Spezial brings to life the brand’s transition over the years from sportswear giant to lifestyle powerhouse – a mainstay in youth culture.

Featuring never seen before exclusives, as well as signed samples from the likes of Noel Gallagher, Run DMC, NERD, Lily Allen, Ian Brown, Nas, Eminem, Public Enemy and more, adidas now welcomes the public to Hoxton Gallery , 19-27 July, to experience the unique Spezial showcase – to re-live highlights of its brand history, and with it, the significant moments where brand and popular culture intersected.

gsj single FLYER

Accompanying the exhibition is a limited edition 100-page book, featuring images of some of the footwear on show, as well as quotes from influential adidas aficionados – designers, musicians, collectors, fans – all with a story to tell on the role adidas played in their lives.

adidas Spezial - making of (3)


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